експерт в сферіпізнання себе таособистісного росту

експерт в сферіпізнання себе таособистісного росту


My Counseling Is Unique

Being one of my patients feels different and it feels better!

Over the years of practicing, I was able to develop a unique approach that acknowledges a simple fact that a one-size-fits-all blueprint or technique is wrong. My approach is highly different and is very personal. I practice a highly individualized process that can do more than simply help your emotional/psychological issue be solved. I can help you transform your struggles into a pathway to a powerful and deep alliance with yourself.
This kind of relationship with your inner self is something you can carry with you and continue to enhance throughout your lifetime. It provides a “home-base” from which you can engage your experiences in the future.
When we’re up to reconnect with our inner self and its fears and when we engage with ourselves — and a skilled, supportive other — as we are, we can begin to experience, realize, and embrace who we are and what really is important to us. As this happens, the grip of our past and limiting personality patterns begin to soften. Then we are free to embody ourselves more deeply and to align our actual daily lives — intentions, choices, commitments.

My Unique Style

On a daily basis, I make sure to form a personal link of empathy and deep mutual understanding with each of our patients to establishing a relationship that is real, honest, secure, caring, and helpful. At times I indeed stumble upon moments when I listen deeply others, when I engage with you dynamically, depending on what is happening between us and/or in you at any given time. My style is practical and is built around in the realities of everyday life.

Two-Way Street Counseling

During my experience of counseling and helping any given individual, any of my patients will easily notice themselves becoming more anchored in your experience, more deeply connected to your own inner guidance and clear sensing, more aware of the specific habits and patterns that get in your way. On a step-by-step basis, any one of you will begin to build confidence and strength in your capacity to move through life with clarity and care. You will develop an inspiring sense that you’re experiencing your life well; that you carry within anabiding capacity to truly, sincerely honor yourself, others, and our world.

My Approach



In my practice I never underestimate and I always assess any life struggles as those that are understood not as problems to be fixed or eradicated, but rather as important indications & knowledge that must be used in the healing process.


Individually tailored

No single psychological state is the same, nor the patient. This is why my professional goal is to tailor my approach in counseling to the unique set of circumstances of any individual patient.



My stance is that everyone has both a set of weaknesses and a set of strengths. As a counseling professional, I will do my best to eliminate the former and to empower the latter. Any person that seeks therapy has a set of strengths.



My personal perception of the relationship between a therapist and a patient is that of an equal partnership with shared motivations and goals. I facilitate and help support a process we co-create together.



As someone with formal medical training, I am convinced that any psychological issue should be taken holistically. Body, heart, mind, and spirit are all equally important here.



I’ve been in the counseling business for years upon years. And let me tell you one thing - every single person and every single new patient enrich my experience and understanding of my craft.

Contact Me

If you have any questions or inquiries about your mental health issue, please don't hesitate. Feel free to contact me and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


1728 Union Street, Suite 113, San Francisco, CA 94123


Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays12:00 PM – 7:00 PM

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